Scout & Molly's | Give Back Night

Scout & Molly's | Give Back Night

Shop for good! 

Join us on March 16 from 5-7pm for an evening of shopping and fun.
20% of all sales will benefit the American Cancer Society and RelayLIVE! 

Scout and Molly's Boutique
1716 21st Ave S | Nashville, TN



Thanks to all who joined us for our inaugural PUTT-PUTT PUB CRAWL downtown!

Line up Announcement Coming Soon!

Line up Announcement Coming Soon!

Be the first to know all of the artists performing in our first annual RelayLIVE!
Check back in February to see the complete line up.

Committee Testimonies: Why I Relay

Hear from a few of our committee members:
Learn why they are working to Drop the Mic on Cancer

John Quigley
Fundraising Chair

I relay because of my mom.  It’s always been amazing to me to be around her and other people we have met dealing with similar issues and see how they always keep such a positive attitude despite their circumstances.  Ever since she was diagnosed with the disease I’ve been inspired to do whatever I can do to help others in similar situations.

Kara Philpot
Logistics Chair

When I was a junior in high school, my mom was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. They gave her only 5 years to live and our family was devastated. That was over eight years ago thankfully, and she is still just as sassy as ever! Since that day, I have been searching for the reason my mom had to fight this horrible disease. I believe I have been touched in order to work toward helping others and preventing this disease. I want a future without cancer so I spend my free time fighting for my mom and all the people who have fought just as hard as she has against this disease. I participated in Relays in high school but I also was on the inaugural committee at Lipscomb University's Relay for Life. And now, I've joined the RelayLive committee in hopes to find a cure so no one else I know has to fight.

Katie Logston
Kid's Zone

I Relay for my dad who has battled cancer twice. I still remember getting his call telling me he had been seeing a doctor but not to worry; everything would be fine. He is the hardest working, most selfless person I know and I strive to accomplish half of what he has. We never spoke of his treatments and I suppose this was to shield me from the pain but inside I was a mess. Once he was in remission, I wanted to volunteer with ACS to hopefully be a part of finding a cure. It's going to take awhile but I hope to see in my lifetime ending this disease. After all, every daughter should be able to have those special daddy-daughter dances at any age.

Nichole Phillips
Event Co-Chair

I Relay for my dad. My dad lost his battle to Melanoma when he was just 33 years old. I was five at the time. Since our time together was so short, being a part of RelayLIVE is one of the ways that I keep his memory alive.  It's a great way to feel like an active participant in the fight against cancer. It's an amazing cause and I'm really grateful to play a small part in it! I relay for my dad and for the millions of other lives that have been touched by this disease.

Michelle Prinzo
Internal Chair (Pictured above in center)

When people ask me why I relay I say that I relay for my dad who I lost to pancreatic cancer in 2005. In actuality I relay because of my dad. I relay for other people. I relay to connect with other people who share the pain of losing someone to cancer. I Relay for the families who are worry about their loved ones. I relay so that no family has to go through what my family went through. I relay for the hope that one day no one will have to hear the words “you have cancer."

Allison Isaacs
Entertainment Co-Chair

I started relaying when I was younger, having too many friend's that had lost loved ones to cancer - I wanted to help in some small way. When I lost my Grandma and Uncle to cancer, Relay took on a much bigger role in my life. Now I relay for my Grandma Lily who taught me the true meaning of strength, gratitude and the power of giving. I also relay for my Uncle Clark who showed me how positivity can change a person's entire world.

Myles Zueger
Social and Online Media

I relay for all of my family and friends who have been affected by cancer and for everyone who continues to battle cancer. It seems like everyone I know has in some way been affected by cancer. Working with Relay for Life allows me to help, if only in a small way, to change the course of someone’s life; whether it is through services they receive from the American Cancer Society or through research that is funded by American Cancer Society. With any non-profit organization funding is always the biggest issue. Working with the American Cancer Society and all of the great people involved has instilled in me confidence and a hope that together we will be able raise the funds necessary to find a cure for all those in need.

Kelsey Bigham
Team Recruitment Chair

I really for in memory of my maternal grandparents and my uncle whom all lost the battle. My uncle, Dr. Schwartz, was my main influence to enter the medical field and taught me that hard work and dedication pays off. Additionally, I relay for my college friends Chad and Kelly who continue to be survivors each day! Their amazing spirits encourage me to raise funds each year!

Relay For Life Nashville is now RelayLIVE!

Relay For Life Nashville is now RelayLIVE!

We have exciting news for the 2016 event! We are mergin Nashvill's music culture with the American Cancer Society to Fight for a Cure! We introduce RelayLIVE of Nashville!